Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Time

We made it to the beach twice during the week.  The first time was at Pope in the late afternoon, and we stayed for dinner.

My boys couldn't get to the sand fast enough. 
And playing in the sand with cousins is even better!  I say it all the time, but these girls are so, SO good to my boys.  They are patient with them, super helpful and are really good little babysitters.  I just love them!

I looked out and saw that Nate and K.C. were giving their sisters a tow.  Such good brothers. :-)
Dinner ended up being kind of hurried because we got word of a severe thunderstorm warning.  

Luke fell in love with oars on this trip.  
Any time we were near the water he wanted to hold one.

That pending storm never materialized, so we enjoyed ourselves until the wind and cold forced us to pack up.  Luke didn't care.  He was cold, dirty and full of sand, but couldn't have been happier.

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