Thursday, September 18, 2014

Before the Fun Even Started

This was a road trip we have been looking forward to for weeks, and that's not just because the end destination was DISNEYLAND.  It was also because we were making an overnight stop to visit some of our most favorite people in Bakersfield.  I never get tired of seeing the boys with their cousins. 
(Thanks for the picture Annie.)

Before we even made it to Bakersfield, our car somehow found its way to Bass Pro Shop in Manteca,

followed by lunch at In N Out.

Luke was one happy guy to be trying a strawberry shake for the first time.

Sunday morning we went to church with the Birons, packed up and got to bring Grandma Shauna with us, who had already been visiting the cousins in Bakersfield.

We made one stop and then arrived at our hotel -- right across the street from the parks.  After getting settled, we wandered over to Downtown Disney and started to feel that fun, magical Disney energy.  It's just the best!

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe was fun and delicious.

 The whole evening was just such a great beginning to our stay.

I surprised the boys with Mickey pajamas, which they loved.
 I can still hear Luke saying, "Mickey jammies! Mickey jammies!"
All of us could hardly wait for morning to roll around so we could get to Disneyland and start our fun there!