Thursday, December 8, 2016

To My Favorite SIX Year Old


Sweet Noah,

Six?! Amazing.  It seems like since kindergarten started in August you've grown up incredibly fast.  You learn so quickly, and kindergarten has been the match that started a wildfire of knowledge for you.  You're in the highest reading group, but love math too.  Whether it's art or p.e. or library time, you just love school.  Lately because it's been so cold we drop you off instead of walking together, and my mama heart just about bursts every morning as you anxiously jump out of the car and run to get to class.  I love that you're having just a magical first year of school.

I also love that you're succeeding at more than just learning. Mrs. Chan told Dad and me at your parent/teacher conference that she's had other parents from your class and the other kindergarten classes mention how glad they are they their child plays with and is friends with you.   They notice too how kind you are to everyone and are glad that their child has a friend like you.  Good job Buddy!

You are good, really good.  But I worry sometimes because you want to be perfect.  You are so pleased to report that, "Mom! I did my math perfectly!" or "Mom, I sat perfect on the carpet today at school." So we talk a lot about just doing your best and how everyone (even Mom) makes mistakes.  Dad and I would never expect perfection from you, but it is impressive to see how hard you work to perform things like drawing and building with exactness.  Just don't be too hard on yourself, and we promise not to be either.

You are competitive, but not aggressive.  You LOVE to win, whether it's a game of Sorry or finishing a bike ride before your brother.  You've learned to slow down just a little to let that frustrated brother win in a race every once in a while, which he and I both appreciate.  You seem to like the athletic and social aspects of soccer, but the aggressive, going after the ball part not quite so much.  But you're six.  You've got LOTS of time and lots of sports to try out.

You are a love.  You still wake up before everyone else to sneak in some snuggles with Mom or Dad.  You tell each one of us all throughout the day that you love us.  I can't thank you enough for all of your sweet love notes that you make.  I have depended on you for things like getting a diaper, setting the table or grabbing Leah so she doesn't play in the toilet again, and you've shown so much love by helping me.  Thank you.  This year I've needed more help than ever, and you sure came through for me.

You are aware.  When you're playing, you seem to always have one eye looking out for Leah.  I can't count how many times you've stopped what you're doing to go check on her, gently take a Lego piece that she's found, or give her a hug when she's started crying.  You also apply that awareness to your prayers.  It's not uncommon for us to hear "please help me to be guided and directed tomorrow" or "please bless me that I'll look for others who need a friend" included in your prayers.  You are thoughtful and are really beginning to grasp the important role that prayer will have in your life.

Oh, I love you!  I don't tell you often enough about the miracle you are.  It took years, prayers, and more medical intervention that I want to remember to bring you into our family.  But you came, and Dad and I couldn't be more thankful that you're ours.  You are the ultimate big brother, so willing to help, play and love Luke and Leah.  They will forever be blessed by your good example as you pave the way for them to follow.

Happy #6 big boy!


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