Sunday, December 18, 2016

Noah Sings!

 On the last day of school before winter break all of the kindergartners put on a little performance.  It was just full of festive cute kids singing their hearts out. 

Noah was beaming and all smiles that he had family there to see the show. 
 Nate and I joked that from the picture it looks like Noah goes to an international school.  Nope, just our awesome neighborhood public school, and I love how diverse it is.

After the show Noah said, "Mom, were your eyes teary because you loved my singing so much?"  He was right on.  I love that boy fiercely, and watching him thrive and love school and love to do well is just about the best thing ever.
Another one of the best things every is having both of your grandmas there to watch you perform.  How lucky is this boy? 
We also caught a quick picture with Everett.  I sure am glad these two handsome boys are friends. 

Then it was back to the kindergarten for cookies and hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy.  So we snapped a couple of pictures with Noah's other buddies. 
Peyton and Noah.  She is the sweetest!
Noah with Kaamil.  He is something sweet too, and I especially love that he teaches Noah all kinds of things about India.  The other day Noah came home and said, "Dad! Did you know there are no rules for driving in India?!" :-)
Talk about a fun morning.  I love any chance I get to be at Noah's school, and being there to watch him perform was just extra special!

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