Sunday, December 11, 2016

Noah's Birthday

We've got a six year old!  
Celebrating Noah was two days of fun and happiness.  He has made it clear a number of times that it just doesn't make sense that he's the oldest, but his birthday comes 'last.'  So when December 8th FINALLY came around, he was all smiles all day. 

We started with birthday pancakes.  See what I mean?  ALL smiles.

And then I sent the birthday boy off to school with his requested birthday treat to share: snickerdoodle cookies.  12:06 pick up couldn't come soon enough for me, and when it finally did Noah bounced out of room 4 with his birthday crown.

After his requested homemade lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches he had a visitor.  Sister Millett, one of his primary teachers, stopped by with a birthday balloon and present.  Talk about making a little boy feel special.

Just a little while later we picked up a handful of friends and spent the afternoon running wild at Wacky Tacky.  Noah is one lucky boy to have such sweet, fun, awesome buddies.
Noah chose Firehouse Subs for dinner, and loved flashing his "I am six" fingers.
Our final stop was at Sister Fisher's house.  She's Noah's other primary teacher and had been trying to catch up with us all day.  She too had a thoughtful bag of birthday treasures for Noah.  How lucky is this kid?

The next evening we gathered the family together for cake and presents.  We laughed that those two brothers on the ends were in plaid, all the little boys were in stripes and the girls were wearing polka dots.  So well coordinated!

Noah LOVED this cake.  
 It turned out larger (and heavier!) than I planned, but was fun to make, especially for this sweet boy.

After cake came presents, and the big smile just continued.
Legos, Lego books, a bow and arrow, night vision goggles...the list goes on.  Noah was one happy boy to receive so many gifts that were just perfect for him.

I also made a few batches of sugar cookies for our guests to frost and decorate.  I love sugar cookies for any holiday, but especially Christmas. 
 And it was really fun to have so many cute decorators in our house this time around.
After all of the partying was done, and most of the sprinkles were swept up, I took a deep breath and smiled, thankful I had just survived my first round of three birthdays in thirteen days.  Whew!  It's going to be like this for, well, forever, so I've just decided to embrace it. But it sure is a bit of a whirlwind at times.  But who doesn't love a birthday whirlwind?  So much celebrating and so much fun!

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