Tuesday, March 1, 2016

THREE Months

Leah is THREE months old!
Well, little girl, it's been one to remember...and to move on from. 

 Infant life is darling.  It's filled with so many firsts and discoveries.  Time really is just precious.
 But let's be real too.  It's a bit unpredictable, filled with fractured sleep, and your parents have now for the third time had a new baby right before Dad's busiest time of the year.
 Our family is so, so blessed, but we are also stretched quite thin in the energy department right now.

Nevertheless, you continue to melt our hearts and bring happiness to our family.  Oh, how we love you!
 Even after a night of waking up to feed a voraciously hungry girl, your smiles are the very best way to start the day.

Dad spent three weeks of the month out of town, so we liked to take cute pictures first thing in the morning to send him a little hello.

You've had a handful of nights where you slept for six hours straight.  But having a cold kind of ruined it.  You seem to be headed back in that direction.  Are you sure you don't want to just try for twelve?  You are great at eating and heading right back to sleep though, which is just what both of us need.
But naps are a different story.  You are a cat napper at its finest.  Your little brain seems to think that after 40 minutes it's time to be awake even though you are clearly still tired.  Promise me you'll grow out of it like Google and those parenting blogs say you will!
 You are chatty and love to be talked to.  More than once your brothers have been sure they've heard you say 'hi' and 'mom'.

We love hearing you talk, and I especially love that you seem to save your best conversations for me. I hope it's just the beginning of thousands of great talks we'll have together.  
 Oh, and while you're talking you use your eyebrows to be extra expressive, which is just adorable.

You were born with a herniated belly button, or an 'outie,' but this month that was completely resolved.  It looks like you've got an 'innie' for life now.
 The car seat situation is improving, but you definitely prefer the freedom of not being strapped in or confined in any way. 
 Being able to focus on toys and really getting good at grabbing them has helped at lot.

You are the first binkie baby in this family.  Neither of your brothers were interested at all, but you showed just hours after being born that your sucking reflex was strong and comforting.  It sure helps with that previously mentioned car seat situation and at lots of other times too.
 You have become very aware of your brothers and love watching them build, play, and wrestle. And sometimes you scream because clearly they are getting out of control.  Don't worry, sometimes it makes me want to scream too.
 Luke especially, continues to make sure he gets plenty of time with Sister. 

 Thank you, little one.  
Thank you for bringing more goodness to our family.  Because of you I'm more prayerful, more reliant on Heaven's help, better able to give others the benefit of the doubt (because I sure hope people are doing that for me right now!), and so focused on our family.

You may be a terrible napper, but you're still a dream come true that I hadn't even thought to wish for. xoxo

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