Monday, February 1, 2016

January in Review

January.  Well, you've been wonderful and horribly exhausting all wrapped up in one.  Both Nate and I agree that this has been one. LONG. month.  And it's not just the 31 days in the month thing. Thank goodness a lot of those long days were filled with some memorable moments! 

After a week straight of rain, the clouds dried up and the boys strapped on their helmets.
 We had all been missing some outside time.   

And thankfully, our anti stroller, anti car seat baby cooperated for just long enough so that we all could enjoy the sunshine.

I had to snap a picture of these cuties before church one Sunday.  Noah is really good at holding on to Leah but said, "Mom, she's a lot heavier than last time."  So true!

Before going to sleep I went in to check on the boys and found my Luke just looking a bit angelic.  Oh, this boy can be spicy sometimes!  I loved seeing him looking so peaceful and sweet, because he definitely is both of those things as well.
 Star Wars has take over our lives a bit.  The boys haven't seen the movies, but thanks to Golden Books, they're literal experts on each plot and story line.  At lunch Luke proclaimed, "Look Mom, my sandwich is a titer fighter!" 
He also declared one day, "I am Jango Fett Luke!"
And, on another day he used his Darth Vader deep breathing as we walked around trying to 'scare' me.
Luke doesn't discriminate when it comes to costumes.  He'll dress up in any getup he can find.
 One Saturday morning when I was rocking Leah in her room the boys came in and proclaimed, "We're going mountain climbing Mom!"
 This girl's smile gets me through days that start early and end too late.  She and her brothers are the best reasons ever for a long, LONG work day.

 Luke drew his first self portrait. :-)
 The boys love doing 'apple smiles' and this time asked me to take pictures to send to Nate at work.

I had a doctor's appointment one morning while Noah was at Joy School so Luke and Leah tagged along.  I looked over at this guy and just couldn't believe how grown up he looked in that moment.
That doctor's appointment happened to be not too far from Nate's office, so we stopped in there afterwards.  Luke was thrilled to get into Nate's Nerf gun arsenal and do some shooting practice.

 I love when this is what I find when I've realized that it's been too quiet in the house for far too long.

And finally, Noah is registered for kindergarten! He's so excited and so ready.  August can't come soon enough for him.

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