Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FOUR months!

 Leah is FOUR months old!
  Fourteen week stats:
height: 24.5 inches (72%)
weight: 14 pounds, 2 ounces (64%)
head: 42 centimeters (94%)

Sweet, sweet Leah, you are four months old and just SO cute!
Holding up your head is becoming easier.  

You can rock your body to move around.  Sometimes I'm amazed at the new position you've put yourself in after laying on the floor for a few minutes.  
You've rolled over from your tummy to back a few times.  The first time was clearly unintentional because you screamed as if to say, "What in the world just happened???"  You are so close to rolling over from your back to front.  It's just that bottom arm gets in the way.
And that frustrates you a LOT.

Your second round of shots went a bit like the first: fever, grumpy and lots of screaming.

But after a couple of days, we both got through it and you were back to your happy self.

You love to observe and talk.  You are particularly watchful when we're eating.  It's hard to believe that eating 'real' food is right around the corner for you.  If someone will make eye contact, you're usually pretty quick to start a conversation.  And, for some reason, you become extra chatty when standing up.  I LOVE that when you're eating you take breaks just to make eye contact with me and smile. 

I sure hope this is just the beginning of being social and friendly.  You have a lot of love and happiness to share with the world!

Your body is becoming more coordinated and it's getting a lot easier to get things into your mouth.  And, oh, you love that.  Your hands are constantly in your mouth, and you're learning pretty quickly that it's no fun if those fingers go in too far.

Sleep training has begun and you've caught on to falling asleep really easily.  The staying asleep part for naps isn't improving much, but you are going back to sleep after waking much easier.

Night time has been rough.  Why are you waking up every two hours all of a sudden??? I promise. We're all still here AND we'll have an even better day if you let your mom get some rest.  Please!
 Bath time is still fun time for you.  
You've figured out how to suck your hands and then put them back in the water to get wet and repeat the process over and over.  Smart baby!

We've got lots of names for you: Leah Bear, Sweetheart, Sweet Girl, and Baby Love are the ones we probably use the most.
 We also call you Sunshine Girl.  You have brightened up our family in so many ways.  You share happiness freely, and we all feel like a million bucks when you share another sweet smile! 

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Brandon and Evie said...

How can she be four months already?! What a sweet, happy girl!