Saturday, April 2, 2016


May I present our randoms from March:

Nate spent the first two weeks out of town, so there was lots of texting and using FaceTime.

Life IS incredibly busy right now, but Nate has managed to squeeze in a bike ride or two.

He's also doing his very best to squeeze in as much time as possible with his favorite boys.

I was at a Women's Conference so Nate combined two of the boys favorite things for a perfect outing: the park and Panda Express.
The three of them worked ever so diligently to turn our entire family room into a tunneled fort.

 Both boys are into adjusting the filters on the camera, so Luke chose black and white.
Is Nate looking particularly svelte to anyone besides me?  He's worked his tail off at work AND at getting in shape.  In fact, he's in the lead to win the busy season weight loss competition at work.

Nate and Noah stepped away from Kate's birthday party for a little while and climbed the steep slope in their backyard for the first time.  I love this sweet boy's proud smile.

Noah is still loving Joy School.  
One day he came home one day with a 'Ferrari' which was complete with a spoiler that he had added to 'customize' his car. 

I loved that he couldn't wait to give Luke a chance to drive it.

A sweet leprechaun in the form of my friend Wendy dropped a box of Lucky Charms on our porch the night before St. Patrick's Day.  This tired mom was so thankful that all it took was a drop of green food coloring in the bottom of the bowl (to magically turn the milk green) and some special cereal to make these boys feel like we had celebrated the day.

Does she look like me at all???  I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Well, she certainly is a Boyce!" I kind of love it.  I already have a mini-me in the form of Noah, so it's fun seeing a little one in our family having her Dad's features, especially in the eyes.

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