Saturday, April 30, 2016

FIVE Months

Leah is FIVE months old!
Life with you has been sweet from the beginning, but, oh Leah, it's starting to get FUN!

You sure can be smiley, especially first thing in the morning.  You kick with excitement when we come to get you out of your crib.

In fact, your little legs seem to always be kicking: at bath time, when you see your brothers run by, and especially when it's time to eat.   When it comes to playing you keep yourself busy for a little while, but for now, you definitely prefer interaction with someone.
Your brothers have both stepped up to be 'babysitters' a lot this month so I can actually get something done every once in a while.
Noah likes to make up songs to sing to you about how much he loves you.  He specifically requested a picture with you in the rocking chair.  How could I say no?

You are rolling over, rotating around to different directions and enjoying seeing the world from a perspective that is something other than being flat on your back. 

Your hands are always in your mouth.  People often comment that you're teething, but there's no sign of teeth yet.

You have loved having your hands in your mouth literally from the beginning.  But now that your coordination is improving we're quite impressed that you can nearly get a whole hand in there (just like I did at your age).

You found your feet!  Oh, it's one of my most favorite baby steps for a little one. 
It's like you discovered a couple of new toys that are always within reach. 
You love wearing dresses.  I think that has less to do with personal style and more to do with how easily they are to grab and get into your mouth.  Either way, it's fun to finally be putting a little one into dresses for church, especially this one from 1979 when I was a baby.
You have made peace with your car seat.  Thank goodness!  Rides are definitely more pleasant and we've even been able to go on walks together.  Hurray for growing up!

This month the reality of you being the last baby sunk in with greater weight than it has before.   Thank you for indulging me with extra snuggles in the middle of the night after you've been fed.  I really should be heading back to bed sooner, but I just can't help but savor and soak in the quiet, alone moments we have together.

By the way, you are a really good snuggler.  I love how one of your hands likes to always hold on to or gently squeeze me.  And your favorite way to relax right before falling asleep is to press your cheek next to mine.

The last few weeks my thoughts have turned back to a year ago, when you were just a tiny thing growing inside my body.  It was the beginning of so many difficult, disabling weeks.  Never before had my body just come to a halt and been unable to get me through a day.  It was a dark, difficult time that seems so much less so now because of the sunshine YOU bring to our family each day.  What a difference a year makes!  And, oh my, it was so worth it to go through that challenge a year ago to have YOU here with us!

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