Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April's Bits

We took advantage of April's awesome spring weather and went on lots of walks, especially on Sunday evenings.
It's amazing how much beauty (and poison oak) there is all around us within just a ten minute drive!

Joy School was close to home for a couple of weeks so we walked to school.
It made me excited for kindergarten next year and taking this walk more regularly...if we can get out the door in time!
 I love these unprompted moments when I can tell how much they love each other as I watch their interactions and listen to conversation.   Well, and there's also Luke screaming because his little legs just can't keep up with Noah's yet, and Noah knows and loves that he's faster.

Noah and Luke are Uno addicts!  They ask to play just about every day.  Thank goodness for grandparents who will play with them too, because I can only lose so many times!  Those boys have some crazy, good luck with this game.

I teamed up with Leah though and we won four games in a row!
 It's also nice that when I've reached Uno burnout, these game obsessed boys will settle for playing on their own.  Or, in this case, they each included their bears in the fun.

Nate got home from work one day, changed, and Noah proudly dressed himself in Dad's clothes.

Luke likes to request that I take pictures at all kinds of random places, including the grocery store and Old Navy.
 So why does he look grumpy in both of these pictures?  Love him, but there sure is a lot of emotion squeezed into that little body.
Here's a smile!  Noah headed off to a birthday party so to soften the jealousy a little he and I (and my always darling accessory Leah) went on an ice cream date.  Luke was so sweet and made sure to hold the door open for me "because we're on a date Mom!"
 We squeezed all of the kids into the tub for bath time.  Leah's little legs just kicked with excitement as she hung out with her two favorites.

 Noah is very into creating and art right now.  We're going through scotch tape by the yards and paper by the ream.  But it's so fun seeing what he comes up with.
I came to check on his work and found him making a compass. 
 He's also likes writing his first and last name right now.  Next up, little boy, is lowercase letters.

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