Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Bits

 Perfect weather combined with purchasing an annual State Parks pass meant we had a lot of family walks after dinner on Sundays.  This time we were on the trails in Granite Bay finding bugs, woodpeckers and staying away from poison oak. 
Luke usually makes it through a day without napping just fine.  But when that kids is growing, look out.  He's extra hungry and rarely makes it through an afternoon without falling asleep somewhere.

And when one brother gets his picture taken, usually the other brother wants one too.

These boys love to be busy.  They love to be out and doing things.  But I love that they also really like being at home doing things like coloring, digging outside, and creating with Legos or kinetic sand.  Boy, I hope it stays like that for, well...forever. 

We went down to Sacramento to cheer for our buddy Mads and his t-ball team.
On the morning of Memorial Day we visited the cemetery.  It sure is convenient that some of our most precious veterans, my dad, Grandpa Boyce and Grandpa Pebley, are buried in the same place.
Later in the afternoon we swam and ate at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  These cousins sure love being together!

While their stints at 'babysitting' are short, both Noah and Luke love to be in charge of Leah's entertainment.

These glasses.
 They are hilarious!  It was the best part (for me) about their buddy Graham's birthday party.
 Noah and Everett.

Everett was the only kid who Noah spent two years of Joy School with.  They have really become buddies in that time, and I'm excited for that to continue since they'll be at the same school for kindergarten.
 During the last week of Joy School the kids had a crazy hair day.
 Too bad we had just done haircuts a couple of days before the teacher let us know.  We did our best.
I'm horrible at selfies.  But I'm realizing that this girl and her mama don't have a whole lot of pictures together.  So there you go:

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