Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out and About with Dad

Was it the perfect weather, busy season being over or just luck that we stayed so busy doing fun things in May? 

For weeks when the Father/Son Campout was announced in sacrament meeting Noah would check in with me: "We ARE going to that right Mom?" 
He could hardly wait to be in the mountains, camping and eating, and spending time with just Dad.

It was a late night and early morning, and judging by this picture, Luke wasn't feeling a lot of morning happiness.  But everyone came home with big smiles and lots of stories to share about the fun times they had.

When Nate heard that the BYU baseball team was in Stockton for the WCC playoffs he bought tickets for he and the boys. 

Upon hearing the news Noah, my artistic consumer of reams of paper and miles of scotch tape, created some 'fans.'

They are still hanging in our entry way, just in case there's any doubt who this family cheers for.

The game started late but hot dogs, great seats close to the action and, once again, time with Dad, still made for a great night.

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Evie Pierce said...

I love those fans!! So creative and impressive!