Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter this year was pretty near perfect.  The boys are at such a fun age for all of this holiday celebrating stuff. 

Friday afternoon we had a Primary activity.  There were lots of games, face painting and all of the fun ended with an egg hunt.

  Noah has never wanted his face painted before, but he was all smiles about this lion.

On Saturday we dyed eggs at Nana's house.

I love that Kate is getting old enough to join in the fun too!

Sunday started with a great church service.  This year I felt like our boys are really starting to understand Easter.  They can tell you about the resurrection, about Christ in the tomb, and that because of the Savior's loving choices to suffer and die, we'll see Papa again.  Papa and so many others. 

I tried to take some pictures of the kids at the temple before church started but the gates were locked.  So we settled for a spot close by.

After holding still just long enough to snap a picture of the three, both Noah and Luke wanted to take their own "Samuel the Lamanite" picture.

Here they are 'high on a city wall.'

We went right from church to Grandma and Grandpa's house where cousins were waiting.  It wasn't long before an egg hunt commenced. 
 Oh, boy these kids scored, particularly in the money department.

Our sweet Leah Evelyn got to spend some time with her Great Grandma Evelyn, and, as you can see, loved it.  She was all smiles.
 She cozied right up to Grandma and took a nap.
She also cozied up with me, which is nothing new, I guess.  But I have to say, I rarely tire of it.  She's just such a little love!

Easter shenanigans finally wrapped up Monday when we made a little visit to Target to spend their Easter money.  I loved watching the dilemma they each faced when it came to choosing the perfect thing to bring home.
 Happy boys with their new toys also made for a happy mom.  Those new little things kept Noah and Luke busy for the entire afternoon.

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