Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Opening Day

Opening Day was almost a non event this year.  Lots of rain leading up to Saturday cancelled the games, but thankfully, the clouds dried up for the morning and we could still celebrate the start of baseball season. 

 After a fun soccer season, Noah and Liam are back together playing baseball.  In fact, this year we know four other families from church on the team.  It's a fun balance between familiar faces and getting to know new friends.

 The kids in the family were appropriately dressed for the day, including the younger two who we have declared to be Noah's biggest fans.

Luke loves that jersey and wears it ALL the time.  He needed something to feel apart of it all.  Understanding that he's not five yet and isn't old enough to play is tough sometimes.  Somehow a jersey fixed most of those feelings.

Well, the jersey AND a really accommodating coach.  Coach Nick let Luke pretty much hang out with the team.

In fact, as I look back at all of the pictures from that day, Luke is right in the middle of the excitement just about everywhere.

The highlight for the kids is parading through the streets with their team in the back of a truck.  And there was Luke cheering right along, "Go Nationals!" as loud as his little three year old voice would allow.

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