Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Bits

I braved eating out with three kids.  Having someone else cook AND clean up dinner was just too tempting. 

It went great.  Kids who played, baby who only squawked a little, and tummies were filled.  A win all the way around.  Thanks Chick-fil-a.  You are the only place I would take my littles all by myself.  I know, it was your pleasure, but it sure was a pleasure for me too!

Somehow we found ourselves at the new Wacky Tacky (think McDonald's play land times a million) three times.  How could we say no when friends extended an invitation?
 One of those days Luke played so hard that in the middle of all the noise and kids running everywhere he napped.

We're in that place where naps sure help with the evening grumpiness, but they also contribute to later bedtimes.  And with this mama on her own right now, I'm always aiming for an early bedtime.  
 p.s. I love going in and checking on my little ones while they sleep.

 Both boys are still cavity free and the hygienist was so impressed that this three year old held so super still for his x-rays.

Sometimes there's perks to going shopping with Mom.  It was too early for pizza at Costco, but no one complained about snacking on a churro.

I taught Joy School right before Valentine's Day.  We had a little party and each of the kids decorated their own cookie.

My seventh Joy Schooler was especially excited about all of those sprinkles.

And almost immediately after taking this picture it all slid off the plate onto the floor.  I'm still finding sprinkles in the kitchen.

Noah got 'drafted' to the Nationals.  He's excited for a new team and new season...if it ever stops raining. 

I'm so grateful for those quick, quiet moments a midst the chaos where I am reminded that our life is so good and our blessings are countless.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and looked over at this scene and that reminder came to me in the most crystal clear way. 

I've said it before, but he sure loves this sister.
 He finds all kinds of ways to spend time with Leah, including a Lego building lesson.

Noah sneaks in some time with Leah too, usually trying to be silly.

 I caught Noah in the bathroom one morning checking himself out.

 Noah has been quite the builder and creator.  Here he made an 'alligator human.'
 And later he built a sea turtle.
He was so excited to text them to Nate, who is always excited and proud of Noah's latest creations.

Just when I think Luke is for sure a lefty he switches hands again.  This time around I caught him using a crayon in each hand.  It sure makes for efficient coloring.

Nate spent three weeks in LA.  After an already late work night this super dad drove another half hour to Downtown Disney to find something his Disneyland loving boys might like. 
 Iron Man for Noah and Yoda for Luke definitely eased the frustration of an absent dad. 

The boys picked out their own flowers to plant, water and take care of.  Easier than a pet and I reap the benefits of having flowers in the front yard pots!

 We've all been Leah's cheering section when she does tummy time. 
 She's getting better and better every day at holding up that heavy head.

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