Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Santa Cruz...Starting with the Boardwalk

Seven days in Santa Cruz was the perfect combination of fun and relaxing with family we love so, so much.  Our first adventure was the Boardwalk.  You'd have thought that Noah and Luke were seasoned Boardwalk veterans the way they talked about it before even arriving.  Those boys knew what rides they wanted to go on and a lot of what they'd see.  The Boardwalk did not disappoint for those boys or any of us.
Noah might be scared of Finding Nemo, but he's not afraid of going fast.  This boy loves the big kid rides.  He couldn't get enough and also didn't mind when we took breaks to try out the rides Luke could go on too.

I chose to see a lot of this vacation for myself instead of through the lens of a camera, so I feel like my pictures are a little scattered and incomplete when it comes to documenting the immense fun that filled those seven days.  But some is better than none, and the some we have will definitely help us remember such good times.

Aunt Brittany was so willing to ride with Noah.  He couldn't have been happier!  
 It was a little tricky to do every ride with every member of the family, but we loved it when our paths crossed and we could spend some ride time together.  Both of these boys are crazy about planes!
 It's pretty obvious from the pictures that Nate took Noah on a lot of the big rides and Luke was my buddy for a good portion of the day.

 But we also found plenty of rides that both boys could do, including the carousel.

One of the workers took a liking to Noah and kept handing him rings to throw at the clown as he rode.

I looked up at the ferris wheel and found Abby and Joey.

Sammie didn't want to ride the ferris wheel, so she hung out with us.
 Both boys loved riding with her, and that sweet Sammie was so good about going on rides that were hardly exciting for a big kid.
After a lot of rides, some cotton candy and corn dogs, we finished the day off with the Sky Rider.
 The Boardwalk was a complete success.  Such fun for all of us!  We can't wait to go back again and have another day of adventure.

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