Friday, August 14, 2015

Roaring Camp Railroad

I had heard about Roaring Camp from a few friends and it seemed like the perfect adventure for our train loving boys.

Admittedly, I teared up as we drove in the parking lot and thought about these boys' train loving Papa who would have loved to be the one explaining the ins and outs of a steam train.  But I have no doubt that he smiled that day seeing Noah and Luke having so much fun with trains, something that is practically part of the Hall DNA.
  Everything during our trip was more fun with cousins!

Luke liked the train itself, but hated that steam train's noisy whistle.

Nate and I took turns holding our hands over his ears for almost the entire ride.  Whatever it takes, right?
Roaring Camp was a great adventure! It was beautiful taking a ride through the redwoods, but even better was watching the excitement Noah and Luke had as they rode on their first real steamer.  We'll definitely be back!

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