Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Manresa: Take One

After a big day at the Boardwalk our morning moved slow, which was a pace that all of us agreed with.  By the time afternoon rolled around we found ourselves at Manresa State Beach.   There were rip tide warnings all week.  In fact, as we arrived a lifeguard engaged in an impressive real-deal ocean rescue.  The weather was a little colder, a little cloudier and a little windier than we would have preferred.  But considering that our valley temperature at home was 109 that day, cold and a little chilly was fine by us.

Fine would actually be an understatement.  Noah, Luke and all the rest of us were so happy to be at the beach.  I loved spending the majority of my time there just watching the fun ensue between so many cute kids.

 They jumped right into building, digging and filling up bucket after bucket with ocean water. 
Nate.  I just love that being connected to tradition is important to him.  My dad liked kites.  When I was about ten he found a kite at the Price Club and made sure we took it on every beach trip.  I still have that kite, and sweet Nate is the one who always remembers that we bring it and fly it.
I just smiled seeing my boys flying the same kite with their dad that I flew with mine.  A simple moment for sure, but nonetheless very sweet.  I get tender feelings in moments like that where my whole soul aches a bit and just wishes that my dad was still here to do those things with Noah and Luke. 
When Nate was at the beach as a boy Grandpa Pebley always took the lead on building a sand castle.  Just like the kite, Nate continued that tradition as well. 
 There were lots of little hands who wanted to get in there and help as well.

The perfectionist in Nate could have spent hours making everything detailed and exact.  Regardless, though, the end result was something everyone was proud of and had fun making.

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