Sunday, August 16, 2015

Annie's Art School

Annie's girls make the most darling self portraits every year.  I was excited that she brought the supplies for them to create their masterpieces during our trip.  Art is not my thing (love it, but definitely lacking in talent there), and I've joked for years that when my kids are old enough I am sending them to Annie's art school.  Thank goodness art school came to us, at least for the first round!

Annie was super patient and guided Noah through his drawing. 

He felt like a big kid using oil pastels for the first time and worked diligently to get all of the skin color filled in.
 Look at the finished result!  Noah was proud of his creation and also excited that he was able to do something that his older cousins can too.
 Olivia, Abby, Sammie and Noah with their finished self portraits.  Just darling, right?
 After waking up from a nap and realizing he didn't have a self portrait, Olivia came through and made one for Luke.  He was proud and as appreciative as a two year old can be.  Thanks Liv for making his day.

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