Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

I tried to call Noah 'Nemo' the other day after a really good swimming lesson, but he quickly corrected me and said, "Mom, I'm NOT Nemo.  I'm just a swimmer!"  Got it.  And maybe that has something to do with the fact that he REALLY hates that movie, because according to him "It's just sad Mom!"

Back to swimming.  Oh, my has this been the summer of learning to swim.  I've spent more time in the pool with my two little fish than I have since I was a kid myself.  Lots of swimming practice combined with the teaching magic of Maddy Millet have turned Noah into a kid who can at least save himself in the water.

He started to make a lot of progress around the Fourth of July when the girls came from Bakersfield and they all spent every day swimming together.  A little pressure from some older swimmers definitely helped.  Noah's always been comfortable in the water -- on his own terms.  Going into 'the deep' or having to swim what he deemed too far were confidence issues that he just had to work on.

But this week it all kind of came together.  Sure, his strokes can use a little help, but we've got a swimmer who can get his head out of the water to breathe, had a darn fast backstroke and is pretty good at treading water. 

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