Sunday, November 30, 2014

Luke's Birthday

If I only had this picture to remember Luke's birthday I'd be happy.  I just love it and love him.
Celebrating this little boy being two was loads of fun for all of us.  We celebrated with family a few days before, since Grandpa and Grandma were heading out of town. 
Luke kept walking around saying, "My birthday, my party. My birthday, my party."  He simply loved that we were celebrating him.  He also didn't mind the traditional 'kiss sandwich' either.
Our celebration was simple, but not lacking in good times or fun.  I decided a long time ago on a ball theme.  
Luke is happiest when he's kicking, throwing or dribbling a ball.  And for a guy who is just barely two, he's got a pretty decent throwing arm, drop kicks a ball, and can drop a racquetball and hit it with a racket.  He loves to 'shoop' balls into his basketball hoop.  It seems that balls and sports are definitely a part of his future, because at this point they are very, very much a part of our present.  So a ball theme, warranted a ball cake.

That cake was 100% worth the hand cramping and hands that looked a little like the Hulk for a while.  It's such a relief when a cake turns out exactly how I planned.  Success!

Luke took this whole candle blowing/birthday singing thing very seriously.  He actually loves the birthday song and had been singing it to himself all day. 
His big smiles returned it no time, and he was pure happiness once we cut into that cake. 

 Our families.  Oh, they are such good gift givers. 
Luke has a bit of a lawnmower obsession, so that's what we got him. 

Months ago he turned his shopping cart into a lawn mower.  More recently he decided that one of his ride on cars was a riding lawnmower, and his popper toy was an edger.  Lawn work is serious business around here. 
It was a great night of celebration.  Having so much family close by is a gift in itself.  I love that we get to share so many of these sweet moments with them.
 Four days later, on the 25th, Luke woke up to pancakes with sprinkles and a family who made a huge deal that it was his actual birthday.  I thought there might be some jealousy, but Noah was truly happy that Luke was turning two.  
After breakfast the boys and I headed downtown to the railroad museum. 
We filled our morning with trains, headed home for a nap, and then finished off the afternoon with a trip to the library.  Slowing down time is the only thing that could have made the day better.  It all went too fast for my liking, and far too soon I was kissing my birthday boy goodnight.

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