Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eight Years

It sure seems, in a good way, that we've been married longer than eight years.  To celebrate we spent a night in San Francisco.  It was my first night away from the boys EVER, and we all did great.  The boys were bouncing with excitement.  They headed off to McDonald's for lunch as soon as we dropped them off.  The fun was just starting for ALL of us.  

We had a hotel reservation in Union Square, but no definite plans for the evening or next morning.  Just a few hours before leaving we suddenly had tickets to the Standford/Utah game and were meeting up with the Armstrongs.  Perfect!  
The game was mostly boring, with an exciting double overtime ending.  But I loved being with friends we hardly ever see.  Actually, what I really loved was the three hour, uninterrupted drive to Palo Alto.  I forget how much we are lovingly interrupted by those two boys when driving.  To eliminate those darling distractions for a while really made form some quality, thoughtful, much needed conversation.  It was bliss!

After the game we drove to San Francisco for a very late dinner at Hillstone, a sentimental favorite from our dating and newlywed years. That place never disappoints.

The next morning we slept in, laid around, smiled that we weren't being awaken by a joyful "Good Morning Mom!" at 6:30 (or earlier), and just relaxed.  We finally got moving as morning began to melt away and decided to just explore.  Our walk took us through Union Station, across China Town, and into North Beach.  We found a little Italian cafe for our extremely late breakfast and then just kept walking until reaching the Coit Tower. 

And then we just turned around and went back.  But it was great to walk, see the city, and be together.  Year eight has been a bit rocky and emotional at times, largely due to circumstances beyond our control.  We have stayed the course, stayed committed and grown closer.  Love truly does grow over time, and it feels so good.  I can't wait to see what it feels like in another eight years.

Oh, and those boys of ours...they didn't miss us a bit.  Grandma and Grandpa made it a night to remember. 

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