Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things haven't changed much...

My kids are in shorts and t-shirts.  We've had a few 'teaser' days with rain and the nights are definitely cooler, but it sure isn't feeling like the seasons have changed that much.  I was looking back at photos and found a bunch that I took on our hot summer days.

We love the pool at the gym.  It's heated, but even better it has beach entry, which makes it really approachable for little ones.  They can go as deep as they're comfortable with.  Oh, and there's fun ways to stay wet besides swimming, which Luke particularly loves.

So this summer, we made quite a few afternoon visits to the gym.

Once Noah got more comfortable swimming (THANK YOU MADDY!) he spent a lot of time jumping in the pool.

I love that he's just pure joy in this picture:
We also took advantage of the water features that are so close by.  We've got lots of options, but this park is probably our favorite.
 Noah was so proud that he climbed this 'mountain' by himself.

And, on the days when I didn't feel like packing up towels and toys and extra clothes and everything else, we stayed home and attached the slide to our little pool.  No complaints about that one either.

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