Monday, December 1, 2014

Luke is Two

I'd give just about anything to freeze time and keep this little boy from growing up.

He is a talker.  A few weeks ago I had to take him to the doctor who remarked, "Wow. By two we're expecting kids to be putting two word phrases together.  This guy speaks in paragraphs."

It's true.

Luke says some pretty big boy things for such a little guy.  Some of our favorites right now are:
"Uhhhh.......yep!" (or no)
"Yep, dat's wite!"
"I using my muscles."
"I do it myself!"
"Mama, I show you sumfin!" (something)
"I pwetending." (pretending)
"We did it!"
"Tanks!" (Thanks!)
"Where ARE you Mama?"
"How 'bout dat Mommy?"
"I sih wee." (I'm silly)
"Noah, it's my turn."
Starting sentences with "Ac shu wee..." (Actually)
Inserting 'buh cuz' (because) into sentences even though he doesn't quite know how to use the word yet.

Oh, I could keep going.  Luke's conversations are one of my favorite things right now.  He jumps from topic to topic in an instant and has so much to say.

Right now Luke loves:
* being outside.  That is, by far, his number one favorite place to be.  He rides a scooter like a champ and can spend hours digging in the dirt and bark with his shovel. "Go outside?" was one of his first phrases months ago. 
* "Georgie" (Curious George), Biscuit, and Clifford books.
* Playdough
* brushing his teeth (lots of "I do it myself" right there)
* trucks - he can name all kinds like backhoe, excavator, front loader, cement truck, crane truck and bulldozer
* pretend play, especially when it comes to food.  At least a few times a week while I'm making dinner he comes in the kitchen requesting a pot and wooden spoon.  He takes it into the family room, adds some Legos into the pot and proudly says, "I making Waygo (Lego) soup," while stirring.  The kitchen is also his favorite place to play in Nursery on Sundays.
* Lawnmowers.  Before Luke could even talk he was making a lawnmower sound every time he saw one.  Now that he has his own he walks around pushing it saying, "My job, my job.  I use lawnmower.  My job." 
* wrestling.  He is, by far, the instigator when it comes to rolling around with Noah.  He loves trying to tackle Nate, especially by giving him a huge, running hug.
* sports.  Depending on the ball he's picked up he'll walk around carrying it saying, "My team. My football (or soccer or baseball) team. My team."
* cleaning.  You should hear Luke sing the clean up song.  Adorable.  He loves to sweep, dust, and especially vacuum.  He also balances that love out with being very skilled at making messes.
* saying prayers.  He thinks every time we pray it's his turn.  And he likes to kneel "by uh self!" (by myself!).  After family prayer in the evening he now, unprompted, gets up and gives Noah a hug saying, "Goodnight Noah. I wuv you." 
* orange tic tacs.  Luke is a good eater.  He loves pineapple, mandarins, carrots, broccoli, orange chicken, pizza, oatmeal, ABC crackers from Trader Joe's, apples, cucumbers, pesto, and of course, just about anything sweet.

Luke has got a spicy, independent personality.  Our family is happier and sillier because he's a part of it.  He just gets cuter and smarter every day!

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Julie Seabury said...

I would like to bite him now.