Friday, February 3, 2017

January's Bits

Noah went to his first 'friend from school' birthday party.  He and Peyton are good buddies, and she really won him over with an awesome face painter at her party. 

 There's Noah and Peyton.  

 The 100th day of school was filled with celebration and activities.  I was super busy running the centers, but quickly snapped a picture of Noah with Bentley and Everett.

We celebrated Nana's birthday at our house and, of course, she was in heaven being surrounded by her favorite little people.

Dad's at church meetings, Leah wakes up earlier than expected, and Mom still has to finish getting ready for church.  On this Sunday morning it meant Cheerios to snack on in our closet until I was done.  Leah loved the idea!
Noah wanted to send another 'wish you were here' text to Nate.  The boys always feel like they've hit the jackpot when we eat AT Costco.

When the sun actually shined for a few days this month we were outside on bikes, at the park, or just exploring. 

This darling pink marshmallow girl just wants to get out and explore too so she was all smiles when the rain finally stopped.

Oh, and she's WALKING!  It's mostly just a few steps that turn into a crawl, but it's happening! 

I always know when Luke is going through a growth spurt because he's extra hungry and every afternoon I find him napping somewhere.
Cafe Rio opened in December and thanks to all of their promotional nights we've scored twelve free meals!  Thanks Cafe Rio for feeding my littles AND cleaning up after us.

Leah loves sitting on the mantle.  Like, she screams to get up there and screams when we take her down.  Silly girl.
This year of being six is so far filled with too many doctor's appointments.  This one was for the pediatric plastic surgeon.  Nothing big, but this brave boy probably has a little procedure in the future.

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