Thursday, February 9, 2017

Overnight in San Jose

Andy and Marissa blessed their sweet baby Jack last weekend.  It's been too long since we've seen them, and it actually worked out in this busy season time of year (miracle!) for us to go.  So Saturday we drove to San Jose, ate lunch and dinner with the Armstrongs and just enjoyed being together. Leah is not a road tripper, although she's improving.  It took a LOT of peek-a-boo, snacks and a little screaming (from her, not me) to get through the drive.

 I REALLY enjoyed getting to snuggle Jack for two hours while Leah and Lucy slept and Nate and Andy took  the bigger kids out for a while.  How did I not even get a picture of that sweet baby?!  It was heaven snuggling a little one again!

This was our first hotel stay as a family of five and it was great.
 Between unlimited waffles and the t.v. on above them there was no way these boys were going to focus on taking a picture.
The blessing Andy gave little Jack was precious, just like that sweet baby.
These two are like brothers.  I'm grateful that their friendship has also made a friendship for Marissa and me.
And our kids love each other too!  Marissa told me the other day that Lucy was trying to name people to invite to her two year old birthday party and Adalyn suggested inviting their 'cousins' Noah and Luke.
 We detoured on the way home and stopped at the Oakland Temple.

After thinking about it we realized that it has been ten years since we've visited.  That's when the Sacramento Temple opened, and we just haven't made the trip since.  The visitor's center there had lots of interactive activities that we all enjoyed.  Noah was impressed by this giant Book of Mormon.
It was a quick trip, but a fun one, especially at this time of year where we don't get much time all together as a family.  Thanks Armstrongs for a fantastic time.  We can't wait to do it again!

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