Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hearing Test Success!

Noah and I had a little date down to the audiology department at UC Davis.  We noticed an improvement in his hearing almost immediately after the surgery last month, but I've been antsy for some documented proof that things really are better. 
 And, good news!  Noah's hearing has improved so much.  Just for comparison, this is the audiogram from December.  Everything below that yellow line is considered hearing loss.  The x's are Noah's left year, the triangles are the right.  It kind of explains why the audiologist and ENT used words like significant, surprising and impressive to describe Noah's hearing loss.
What you see below is Noah's post surgery audiogram.  All of those symbols moved up so much.  While his hearing at the 250Hz is right on the line, the audiologist explained that is completed normal and exactly what they would expect to see from a kid with ear tubes.
Surgery success! Now I've just got my fingers crossed that those tubes stay put for as long as they're needed so we're not back repeating the whole process a second time.  But even if we are, we know the road to take and know what a difference it will make.

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