Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Saturday Fun

Oh January, we are thankful for the immense amount of rain you brought, but, wow, we have been waiting (and waiting!) for some sunshine.  Yesterday the clouds finally cleared and the sky was filled with blue.  Nate was working, but it was clear that we all were anxious to take advantage of a dry day.  So the kids and I headed down to the farmer's market on Sutter Street to explore and just get OUT. 

We've been sending Nate way too many "wish you were here" texts lately, including this one. 
We sure miss him at this time of year especially but are so thankful for his dedication to his career and our family.

After ice cream at Snook's we explored Sutter Street and walked across the old bridge.  The boys climbed rocks, big dirt hills and threw rocks into the water.  Just completely ordinary stuff, but oh my, all of us were happy to be outside and together.

A week ago our family reached another 100 days of reading the Book of Mormon.  After a short family council to discuss how to celebrate we settled on a trip to the arcade.

 This was a first for both Luke and Noah.  While they didn't entirely know what to expect, their excitement was immense.  
I think both Noah and Luke were most excited about an arcade version of Mario Kart.  They love playing it when K.C. comes to town, but to have their own steering wheel, brake and gas control was, as Noah put it, 'epic.'  

 Most of the games that we chose didn't give tickets, so at the end of our time we only had 50.  But just minutes apart three different people approached us and offered up their tickets that they didn't need.  Suddenly we went from 50 to 2500 tickets.  It was amazing.  Noah and Luke just kept picking out more items to take home. 

We are so thankful for those 'arcade angels' for further impressing upon our kids that good choices bring rewards, even unexpected ones.  Right now we've got some very motivated scripture readers who can't wait to get to another 100 days.

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