Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Bits

 We spent Labor Day weekend in Tahoe.  

I love that our kids already have dozens of fun memories of this special place.  

Heavenly Village was busy, so the boys tried out the overpriced trampolines while we waited for a table to be ready for dinner.
We only got shadowy pictures, but those little jumpers sure had fun.  Nate and I were both proud of them for trying a new thing that seemed fun and a bit scary to both of them at first.
They took out the Arctic Cat one afternoon.
And both Noah and Luke loved playing a few rounds of Headbanz after church on Sunday with Nate.

I can't get enough pictures of my kids in the bath together.  It's just cuteness overload!

 I had some leftover pizza dough so Luke and I turned it into a few tiny cinnamon rolls one morning.
 This boy loves to be in the kitchen to create and eat!

He also loves to clean toilets, which I definitely don't mind having a helper for.

Leah loves our friend Elise, and, oh my, Elise sure loves her right back.  Any time we're with Elise she asks to hold Leah.  
And sometimes she even sneaks away from her mom in sacrament meeting to come give our girl some snuggles.

We invited a bunch of friends to come and join us for the homecoming parade.
 We're finally settled into the schedule and routine of kindergarten.  Noah, especially, is loving it.
He's reading, writing, and just so happy to be in school.  
 We attended our first Gators on the Green night at Gallardo.  There was food, face painting, and lots of activities for the kids to do.
But the highlight of the night was seeing Clifford.  Those smiles tell it all.

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