Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kindergarten and Joy School Fun

The week before Halloween was a busy one! On Monday we went to Bishops, Tuesday I started my two week turn of teaching Joy School with a field trip to Zittle's Pumpkin Patch, and on Friday I volunteered in Noah's class for Scarecrow Day.  It was exhausting and so much fun!

Sweet Luke.  He sure loved that we left Leah with a friend, and it was just the two of us for a while.

 This group of three year olds is a treat to teach!  They are buckets of fun, and so much easier to teach than my first go with Joy School two years ago. 
I invited another Joy School group to join us so there was no shortage of friends on that rainy, perfect pumpkin patch weather morning.
 Luke field tripped with Noah's class the past two years, but I didn't know he actually remembered it. He knew a lot of the answers that were asked, and loved sharing what he knows.

 Noah and I were both excited beyond words for Scarecrow Day.  His teacher's scheduled time for parent volunteers doesn't line up with my mom life/schedule for now, so I haven't been in the classroom at all.  Finally, I was getting a chance to see how things run and get a feel for the climate in Noah's classroom.  
I loved being there! And I'm pretty sure Noah loved that I was there too.  Along with thanking me at least a dozen times, he was not shy about telling all kinds of kids that "MY mom is the one over there doing the face painting."
I was not too thrilled to be assigned face painting by Mrs. Chan, but I fulfilled my responsibility.  Face painting is definitely not my talent, but it passed the judgement of five and six year olds just fine.

I caught a picture of Noah and Everett during a quick break from face painting.
And Noah jumped into a picture with his buddy Peyton.
What a great week though! Field trip and teaching with one and spending the morning with another in his classroom.  This is literally the stuff my mama dreams are made of!

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