Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eleven Months

Leah is ELEVEN months old!

 October was just filled with clapping, crawling, and teething!

 You had five teeth come in this month, for a grand total of eight.  That made for some moody, needy days and nights, but we got through it.

Every day is filled with being busy.  You are constantly tugging on our legs to pull yourself up, following us to wherever the action seems to be, and showing your curiosity in one year old ways.

You especially want to be wherever Noah and Luke are, particularly if it involves being outside.  Get those little legs walking, and we'll make it happen!

 You giggled with pride when you figured out how to unroll ALL of the toilet paper.

Pulling all of the sandwich bags out of the box was fun to try and kept you busy while I tried to make dinner.  A win for us both (except I had to clean it up).

You've gotten yourself into some pretty precarious positions all in the name of exploring and trying things out.
Thankfully, your brothers are especially watchful, and we all come to the rescue when you're hollering for help.

You borrowed my clothes again and looked just darling in this little pinafore dress.


And you were the cutest pumpkin in the patch for Halloween and the Trunk or Treat party at church.

 You continue to love people, and will go to anyone who asks to hold you: moms on Noah's soccer team, friends at church, just about anyone.  You love absolutely love hugs, both giving and receiving.  I think getting you out of your crib first thing in the morning has got to be one of my favorites right now because it's always followed up by a handful of sweet big, armed hugs from you.
But new for this month, and completely unrelated, is that you are crazy in the bathtub!  You put your face in the water, slip and slide everywhere while we try to keep a firm grip, and squeal when the faucet is running and you put your head under it.  Seriously, you are a hazard in the tub!  It's part hilarious and part a whole lot of work when it comes to bath time!
 Oh, I love this age!  You are starting to sleep better (FINALLY! HURRAY!), and it seems like every day we get a new glimpse into your personality and who you will really be in the coming months and years.  And, boy do we sure love who you're becoming.  You are just sunshine, so full of love and happiness, and we could not ask for more!

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Evie Pierce said...

Cutie pie! And growing so fast!