Wednesday, October 26, 2016

100 Days, so to Bishop's We Go!

Back in June we had a Family Home Evening lesson about scripture reading.  That night we set a goal to read the Book of Mormon for 100 days without missing a day.  It just seemed too easy to skip a day sometimes: getting home too late, being too tired, or just forgetting.  I wanted something to change, and that change needed to be permanent.  So I printed a hundreds chart, and we started marking it off one day at at time.  That chart went to Tahoe with us three times, on a camping trip with the boys in the family, and just became a part of our every day routine.  And that's exactly what we were aiming for when it comes to scripture reading.  We talked of a reward for all of us when we reached 100 days.  A family council was held, ideas for celebration were shared, and a vote was taken: Bishop's Pumpkin Farm was the winner, which is what Nate and I had kind of planned on all along.  It didn't take any convincing on our part.
 So on Monday we all picked Noah up from kindergarten, and headed straight to Wheatland.   None of us have been to Bishop's before, but the boys had looked at pictures and a map of the place online, so they had an agenda of must do's for the day.

One of those was Coyote Mountain.

Between panning for marbles and going down the long, fast slides, this was a great spot to play.
Noah and Luke were all smiles for the carousel too.
And so was Leah while she watched all of the fun.  But this girl is all smiles all the time if she's with Dad.

We stopped at the 'How Tall This Fall?' sign.


And we also took a train ride.

Actually we took the train twice, because on a celebration day you say 'YES!' to everything, including a plea to ride the train a second time.

 The petting farm was filled with cute baby pigs, a giant hog, sheep and these hungry goats, among other animals.  Noah and I laughed as this goat scarfed down the food we bought for him, while Luke whined saying, "I'm allergic to this farm smell!" over and over.

Love this boy, and I loved that he shared his apple with me.

There are lots of fun places to take pictures at Bishops.  Between the weather starting to turn cold, Leah just barely waking up from a nap, and Luke suffering from eating too many cookies, we didn't capture quite what I would have liked to.  But we'll be back, and what we got was good enough.

 It wasn't until long after this picture was taken that I realized the position we had put Leah in.  Oops!
It also wasn't until after this picture was taken by a stranger that I saw Leah had leaned over to hug Noah.  Oh, that girl.  She's just a lover. 
And I loved this day of celebration.  Nate had just finished a month of working late and on Saturdays.  Being together, celebrating together, and experiencing something new to all of us was the perfect kind of fun for this family.

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