Friday, September 30, 2016

TEN Months

Leah is TEN months old!
You can't tell from that sweet, serious face, but this month has been one filled with mostly other kinds of looks from our Leah.  This would be a more accurate representation of what month ten looked like:

Leah, you are a social girl with a lot of personality! 

It's so fun watching it all emerge little by little as time goes on and you grow.

Often when I'm having a conversation with one of my mommy friends you immediately lean for them to hold you.  Oh my, do they love that! You simply love people, especially those doting brothers. 
 Wherever they are you want to be too.  And now that you're crawling like a champ, following them around is a breeze.
Wherever they move to you quickly follow.
Those brothers are becoming used to little tugs on their legs as you try to get in on the action or just remind them that you're there to 'play' too.
 You particularly love when they play the copy cat game with you.  You make a squeal and they do their best to copy it.  The back and forth between all of you usually results in the giggles from all of us. 
You started the month out just on your knees.  But that quickly changed to standing and tentatively walking while holding on to things.
 I had forgotten what it's like to be making a meal and feel strong, little fingers gripping on to the back of my legs while you use me for support to stand.  I just love this age.  So much movement, so much personality, and oh, so much cuteness! (And both Dad and I think you actually look like a Hall in this picture.)
 You were squealing with excitement and so proud of yourself when you stood up in your crib for the first time.

 You are still a pretty terrible sleeper!  

Naps are good for the most part, but night time is not a favorite for either of us right now.

The good news is you wake up happy as can be in the morning.
Seriously, you are pure sunshine and can't wait to greet the world and your family when the morning arrives. 

You love to eat!  And you seem to think that using your hair as a napkin is effective and an easy way to get clean.  You are an easy to please eater and gobble up just about anything we put in front of you.  Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Mealtime or anytime you are the queen of silly faces right now!

You are your daddy's girl.  Almost every time he comes home now you say in a whispered voice, "Hi Da da." Your legs kick and your chubby hands open and close with excitement when you see him.  And sometimes you just stare at him as he holds you.  I wish I knew what you were thinking.  
It's so fun that you're beginning to talk.  We hear 'ma ma ma,' and 'bup' or 'pup' (up) all the time.  You also say 'ball' when we play with one. 
The swings are your happy place, but really, just about anywhere is these days.

As long as it involves being around people you seem to be completely content.  You are a girl who is in and out of a car seat a LOT as we run errands and pick up or drop off your brothers.  I've tried to not count all of the ins and outs you experience because some days its ridiculous.  Thanks for handling that so well most of the time.  We love you sunshine girl!

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