Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August, Part 2

I forgot about half of my 'bits' pictures for August.  It's a pretty accurate metaphor for life right now: I'm really good about forgetting or just not getting to half of a LOT of things lately.  Keep trying and carry on, right?!

I try to pack in errands when Noah is at school so there's only two kids in tow.  Our visit to the outlets took a little longer as Luke discovered they had installed new cars there.

 It was just too cute seeing Luke strike up a conversation with Cat.  He thought having a passenger was pretty cool.

It's me and three kids during sacrament meeting on Sundays while Nate serves in the bishopric. Noah and Luke try so hard to be reverent and good while I keep Leah occupied.  I loved looking over and seeing my two lefties writing and drawing in their Sunday notebooks.

 Luke riding a two-wheeler meant Noah needed a bike upgrade.  It took just a little adjusting to go from a 16-inch to a 20-inch frame, but he's got it down and still riding like a pro.
And, oh, I love where we live and that these kind of outings happen all the time.

We joined Brennan at a splash pad by his house to celebrate his 5th birthday

Leah is still figuring out moving her body and balance, so this was a pretty good spot to end up in after being wobbly.

 I took Luke (and Leah) on a lunch date to soften the blow of Noah going to a play date that Luke really wanted to be a part of.
 This sweet boy.  He broke every one of his fries in half and shared them with me. How could I say no?

 Luke loves going to the bathroom when we're waiting to pick up Noah.  He things having sinks and toilets just his size is really cool.  And I think he looks way too grown up in this picture.

 Not her cutest picture right?  And what is the cause for such drama?  Nothing like a pacifier caught in between the crib bumper and railing to ruin a girl's day.
 I've said it before, but we really do go through amazing amounts of paper and scotch tape around here.  No problem with that! Noah decided to create a computer, complete with monitor, keyboard (even a 10-key!), and I especially love that he attached a mouse to it.

These kids jump at the chance to go get the oil changed.  Me not so much, but thanks Honda for the free snacks, Disney Junior on t.v. and a relatively speedy service.  If you're going to take three kids with you, this is the way to go.

Just a little rock climbing on our walk home from dropping off Noah at school.  Luke was particularly spicy that morning, but it all seemed to get worked out after some time outside running and climbing.

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