Saturday, December 19, 2015

To My Favorite Five Year Old

Sweet Noah.  Oh, you are so excited to be FIVE!  For at least two years you've been asking, "When will I be five?" because you know that being five gets you to kindergarten.  I can't believe that big milestone is happening later this year -- now that you're five, of course.

Speaking of kindergarten, you are really working hard to be ready.  You LOVE books.  You spend a lot of time in a day 'reading' them on your own.  No matter what is happening, if you hear a book being read somewhere in the house, you drop what you're doing and literally come running to join in.  Together with Dad you've read dozens of chapter books.  You especially like A to Z Mysteries and Magic Tree House books. We're amazed that you stay focused on the story line and can keep track with what's happening so well.  You are beginning to learn sight words and can identify simple ones like a, the, said, and this.  The other day Dad said, "I want some C-A-K-E," without giving you any hints or reference to what he was talking about.  It took you a minute but you cleverly spoke up with bright eyes and said, "Cake?"  Well done little boy.  Over the summer you brought me the sweetest love note that you made all by yourself while I was getting ready for the day.
  I was so proud of you for sounding out the letters, and even more proud of you for being so incredibly thoughtful.

You are also becoming quite the artist.  Your drawings are pretty basic, but definitely thoughtful.  I love hearing you explain a picture to me, and I'm also a big fan of this jellyfish you drew not long ago.

You are social and sweet.  One day recently we went to Castle Park and before running off to play you said, "Mom, I'm going to go find some new friends to play with!"  That's exactly what you did.  You love play dates with your buddies, especially Mads, Liam, and Everett.  And, you usually love playing with your brother too.  You try to be patient and use your words with him, and it really makes all of the difference.   I wish you could understand what an important example you are to him and will be to your sister.  The way they see you talk and play and treat people definitely impacts how they will as well.  You're doing a great job, by the way.

You love television.  If I'd let you I think you'd watch shows all day long.  We try to keep it fairly educational when the t.v. is on, and I'm amazed at how much you've learned.  You are an expert on saber tooth cats, at least as much as a five year old can be.  Not long ago you told me you wanted a peregrine falcon for a pet.  You know what animals are scavengers and are very interested in fast animals, especially cheetahs.  Wild Kratts is one of your favorite shows to watch, and I'm pretty impressed by how much you've learned from them.  

Having one on one time with mom and dad is very important to you.  You don't like it if Luke happens to wake up before you because that disturbs the individual attention you need and are hoping for each morning.  You love to come into our room and snuggle even if it's for just a few minutes.  The day gets so busy sometimes that I'm glad we get that time too.

At the beginning of this year you learned to ride a bike.  Now you are so confident on those two wheels.  You just figured out how to stand and pedal, which means you're so close to riding at the bike park.  You and Dad like to ride on the trails near the high school and 'go in the dirt' on your mountain bikes.  I love that you're not afraid to try a hill that's a little steep or a trail with loose gravel.  In fact, I just love how willing you are to try lots of new things.  Whether it's trying (and liking!) salad for the first time or learning a new sport (like t-ball and soccer this year), you are so open to giving all sorts of things a try.

You understand that prayer has power and that it works.  Just last night as Luke threw up all over the kitchen floor I caught you out of the corner of my eye saying a prayer for your brother.  The other day when you were in the backyard I saw you go around the corner, fold your arms and kneel down.  I'm not sure what that prayer was all about, but clearly you needed help and didn't hesitate to ask for it.  I hope you'll always ask for help from Heaven when you need it.

One Sunday this past summer we were driving to church listening to a BYU Men's Chorus CD.  We were talking about how the different songs made us feel.  When the song 'Jesu, Son of Man's Desiring' came on you said, "Mom, do you  know how I feel when I hear this song?  I feel the Holy Ghost right in the center of my body."  I just love that you're learning to recognize that feeling.  It will be a huge blessing in your life as you grow up.
Sweet Noah, you are obedient, try to be good, and are oh, so loving.  You are silly, polite, and friendly.  Dad and I keep asking you to please stop growing up, and that's the one area where you are clearly disobeying.  :-)  This year I have had a front row seat as you've grown, learned, and changed.  I wouldn't trade that for anything, and I love spending every day with YOU!

I love you SO much!

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