Sunday, December 6, 2015

Coming Home

Wednesday morning brought lots of visitors from my medical team to begin the checkout process.  I was eager to call Nate and give him the green light to put those boys in the car and jump on the freeway so Leah and I could have a ride home.  Things seemed to happen a lot more timely this time around.  Other than my nurse saying Leah had lost too much weight and was down to 7 pounds, 7 ounces everything had been perfect.  By the way, don't tell a mom that unless it's really serious.  It's SO not what we need to hear when all we've done for two days is feed a baby.  A weight check was scheduled for the next day, and I figured we'd be fine.

Before long Nate and the boys arrived.  Right away, Luke ran over to check on and love on Leah.
 Noah. Well, after saying hello with a hug and a kiss, he was thrilled that my t.v. had the Disney Junior channel to keep him entertained while a few loose ends got wrapped up. 
 And I just held on to my girl and tried to keep soaking in all of this wonderful hospital experience that was about to end.
I could have ten kids and never feel done with the labor and delivery part.  It's been magical every time, but even more so with this third baby.  Maybe it's because I know we're done, I don't know.  But a part of me will always want to experience that again (and again and again).  It's the hardest of hard when it comes to pain followed by the highest of any high I've experienced or likely ever could.  That stark contrast makes the high even more sweet and powerful, I think.

Before we knew it, Leah was buckled in, checked by the nurse and we were walking out of Labor and Delivery.  Real life was about to begin.  
 That biggest brother who seemed to be more interested in Legos and the Disney Channel sure showed what's in his heart.  As soon as we walked out of the door he reached out to help Nate carry Leah.
 He held on in the elevator, as we proceeded through the hospital, and then walked to the parking garage.  Lots of people noticed how cute it was that this almost five year old brother was taking his job so seriously, and he got plenty of smiles as he 'helped'. 
 It's been that way with him ever since.  He might not love on her as much as Luke, but Noah is always quick to help when it comes to Leah needing something.  He looks out this baby sister and likes to give us status updates on how she's doing from the backseat.  I'm so glad that Noah is the biggest brother of this family. 

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