Wednesday, May 6, 2015


With busy season behind us once again we headed up to the cabin for a week.  The Armstrongs came from San Jose to join us, and we had a fanstastic time together.  The boys loved playing with Adalyn and I could have snuggled that sweet baby Lucy all day.

I forgot my camera, which I think ended up being a good thing.  We just focused on relaxing, napping, and laying around a whole lot instead of taking pictures.  But Marissa and I did manage to snap a few of the kids as we went out for some fun.
 We took the Arctic Cat out and the kids especially had a fun time.  All of them like to go fast.

The beavers are back so the river is running high again in the backyard.  That means enough water to kayak, which the kids also loved.
 Nate and Andy cooked dinner every night, which Marissa and I couldn't have been happier about.  But they did take a night off for pizza.
 Oh it was just nice to get away!  I wouldn't mind if this becomes an annual post busy season tradition!

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