Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day

I was still feeling lousy, but when a free opportunity for family fun comes around you just make it work.  After a few months of first trimester survival, this family was definitely due for some fun.  The Capital Family Regional Business Center hosted us and its other members at the River Cats game.  What a great experience.  We arrived early.  The boys had unlimited use of the bounce houses and slides.  Between that and unlimited food they were in heaven.  Members of the Savage family told the story of how the switch came last year for the River Cats to be the Giant's AAA team.  It was really interesting...for the adults.  Then we were off to take a tour of the stadium. 

The boys thought it was pretty neat to sit in the dugout where the 'real' players sit and store their equipment.  

Then it was off to the field where, again, the 'real' players play the game. 
 Pretty fun for all of us I have to say.

Lunch was up in a group box where we could watch the game and eat unlimited amounts of baseball park food.  The kids ventured over to the bounce houses again and we tracked down Dinger, the mascot, for high fives.  It doesn't get much better than that, especially for an all-American Memorial Day.

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