Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrapping It All Up

Tuesday was a big one for Noah.  It started with finishing off this year of Joy School with the moms and kids.  Oh, I will forever be grateful for this group.  These moms have become some of my dearest friends.  All of the kids, Everett, Patten, Ellie, Liam, Noah and Gwen are bundles of fun, laughter and sweetness. 
They may, however, be the least cooperative group of three and four year olds ever when it comes to photographing.  :-)  We tried.

I'm SO glad I chose Joy School.  I loved teaching Noah.  I loved that when I wasn't teaching I knew he was going to such loving homes and moms.  It couldn't have been any better.

So we partied a little.  The kids sang and got their certificates. 
Only one of these kids will be continuing in Joy School with Noah next year.  I'm equally excited for a new year of kids and learning.  And we'll figure out how that's all going to work out with a baby eventually.

Once evening rolled around on Tuesday it was time for Noah's end of the season baseball party.  Noah's arms flapped with excitment when his name was called to receive a trophy.  Coach Michael chose a unique award for each player.  Noah's certificate was for 'best energy.'  It was perfect for him.
T-ball was a such a great experience for our whole family, but especially Noah.  He learned a lot about failing and trying again.  He began to understand that it takes practice to get better at something and that practice really makes a difference in how you perform on game day.  I'm so proud of the growth he made, especially as one of the youngest players.  We're all crossing our fingers that we'll be able to join up with this team and its fantastic families again next season.

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