Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tie Dye and Talent Show

The tie dye portion of this all started with Annie making shirts for the girls a week before our trip.  It later expanded to all of the family dying shirts while at Sea Ranch, just in time to wear them for the family talent show.
It was just like we were at Enrichment Night, with Annie as our leader.
Or, maybe it was like preschool because all of us were calling her name like little children asking for help.
Either way, she did a great job coaching us through the process.

Fast forward to the next night when we all sported our new shirts.

The talent show has become a family tradition when we're on vacation.  It's a bit more of a show, than a display of talent -- at least for some of us.  But it is always a good time.

Sammie and Abby started off the show with Irish dancing.  It was hilarious and impressive.  They are good little dancers!
K.C. showed a real display of talent by singing a song.

Noah's talent was a bit impromptu. I didn't know if he'd cooperate to say a few words and sounds that he knows, but he proved to be quite the showman.

Grandma read part of Frog and Toad, a Boyce family favorite when the kids were growing up.
After everyone had performed, Annie and Becky finished the show with a great duet.  We can always count on them to give us some real talent.

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