Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Truck

 There was a major tree cutting project going on across the street from our house at Sea Ranch.  Noah was in heaven.  As if the ocean and beach weren't enough, it was like we had ordered up huge trucks for him watch and play on as part of the vacation.
In the early morning or after the workers went home for the day, we'd take Noah over to see the truck.  He ran to get there.
This truck cured any bad mood or boredom.  He was always happy to go see it.
We didn't mind the noise from all of that tree cutting because it made for a very happy guy.
Here's a little clip of him exploring the truck:

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Lindsey H said...

You guys struck gold! That second picture is so dang adorable. On my next vacation, I definitely need to make sure one of those things are nearby.