Sunday, August 26, 2012

See! See!

Last weekend I was making cinnamon rolls for my Sunday School class, and our kitchen echoed with the words, "See! See!" over and over again.  Noah was very curious.  So I pulled a chair up to the counter and this little sugar bear decided to sample some of the filling.
 It also kept his little hands busy and out of the cinnamon rolls. He was in sugar heaven.

Noah is  very into doing things with his eyes closed right now: eating, walking, playing with his toys, handing us things -- it doesn't matter.  And he thinks its hilarious. This little progression of pictures shows his silliness of eating without being able to "See! See!"

Not long ago he decided to use my KitchenAid bowl as a helmet and tried walking around without seeing. I'm SO glad I had my phone close by to capture this silly moment:

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Jenner said...

your pictures are so good. what a fun trip to the sea ranch you had. loved reading all about it!