Thursday, August 2, 2012


I think our favorite thing about Sea Ranch is going on walks.  The trails are so close to the ocean and the scenery is priceless.  When this is what you see on a regular basis as you look out your back door, you just want to get outside.

It didn't matter the time of day, we were always happy to be outside exploring and taking in the beauty surrounding us.

My favorite walks were in the morning.
Most mornings Nate and I would go for our runs, and by then our little early riser was ready to get out of the house.
We were also hoping to let everyone else sleep a little longer by getting this noisy guy outside for a while.
He saw it so often that by the end of the trip, Noah was pointing westward and saying, 'ocean.'
We have a little tradition of taking an early morning walk the last day we're at Sea Ranch.  This time we had Noah to enjoy it with us.
Noah loved going on walks and exploring.  I think we could watch him run all day long.  It's just too cute to see those little legs go.  Here's a little compilation of him on the go.  I love that it's combined with the beauty that was literally outside our front door.  And the face plant he takes at the end is kind of funny too.

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