Friday, July 20, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday

Our first full day at Sea Ranch was filled with celebrating Grandpa's 60th birthday. 

It started with breakfast: 60 pancakes, 60 strawberries and 60 blueberries.

Grandpa was very willing to share.

His gifts were some of his favorite things; 60 of each, of course.

60 golf tees, pieces of black licorice, pistachios, salt water taffy, were just a few.  He even got a CD of songs from the 60's.

After dinner we put candles on 60 cupcakes and worked fast to get them lit.

Grandpa's birthday seranade was memorable and pretty hilarious.

The gift giving wasn't over yet.  Grandpa got 60 personalized golf balls with phrases that the family thought up.  He was pretty excited about the new rangefinder that he can use for golfing too.
He liked the messages we came up with to put on the golf balls.

After that each of us took a turn reading from a list we composed of 60 things we love about Dave.

Some were funny, like he does an amazing Donald Duck impression, and has a love of jumping into cold water.

Others were sweet, such as when he was a kid, he cried when the Yankees lost the World Series, and he loves playing with grand kids and making them feel special.

And many were just very telling about what kind of a person his is.  For example, he always knows who your friends are and asks about them when you call, and he cares unselfishly for his parents.
Celebrating Grandpa was a great way to start out a week full of fun and good times together as a family.  We sure do love him.

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mackyton said...

I had a nice time watching the photos from Grandpa's Birthday. I also love my grandpa a lot and he will soon be turning 75 years old. He wants to meet his friends so I might plan a surprise meetup birthday bash for them at one of the local event venues Chicago. I am sure it would be his best birthday ever!