Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Norm

Things in the Hall family changed dramatically today.  My dad moved into a memory care center.  It was not a smooth or rosy transition, but we know that the decision we've made as a family is the right one.  And we're hoping that before too long, Dad's anger will turn to understanding and greater contentment with where he is.

Yesterday Noah and I spent all day with my dad, and Nate joined us in the evening, as my mom met with the staff, reviewed medical care and set up his room.

Most of the time we are with him my dad is distant, non-communicative, and very consumed by what's going on in his head.  While he still had his moments, I couldn't believe how conversational he was: sharing stories, commenting on the news and telling jokes.  The best part was how interested he was in Noah.  He was so happy to share his eggs with this little moocher.
 It's been months since Dad initiated play with Noah, but these two had lots of good times together.
I felt like Heaven was sending us a little tender mercy so that the last memory of Dad at home would be a sweet one.

I was just thinking last week that it's hard to remember what my dad used to be like.  His behavior and care has been so consuming the past few months.  It seems to have practically blocked out the decades of good times and memories we've had together.  And that's heartbreaking, because who he is now, is not who he was or will be one day.  But some of that came back yesterday for me, and I will be forever grateful.  


Julie Seabury said...

Oh Dianna,
I'm so sorry to hear how fast Papa is declining. I can only imagine how hard this decision was for you all and especially Nana. His safety has to be your first priority and you know he would understand if he was able to. I'm glad you got this "normal" day to store away for forever.

Michele McKee. said...

This made me cry ~ what a beautiful photo of play time!