Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Months

Noah is one year old!
And after a year, that chair is finally just his size.

Take a look at how he's grown month by month:
So much growing and changing in just one year!

Here are the 12 month stats:
Height: 32 inches (96%)
Weight 25: pounds, 9 ounces (85%)
Head: 48.5 centimeters (95%)

'Da da' is still by far the most common sound we hear from Noah. He loves looking out the window and usually starts talking about Daddy while he's there.

Another perk to being at the window is the pulls on the blinds. This month they became the new favorite chew toy, even though we don't leave them within reach very often.

This kid has some amazing bed head.
Even after a nap it's a little wild.
While Noah is eating we often hear, "Num, num, num," throughout the meal. He started taking the sacrament at church and has expressed his satisfaction with the bread using the same sounds. It's still a little early, but I'm predicting that Noah will be the third lefty in this family of three. He definitely favors his left hand for eating.

It was great being with family at Thanksgiving. Noah's cousin Sammie invited him to his first tea party. He was a polite guest and didn't destroy everything right away.

Noah loves to explore, but, thankfully, isn't naughty at all...yet.
He has been great with the Christmas tree, stopping occasionally to check out an ornament or two.

Noah's favorite game, by far, is chase. He prefers to be in the lead, but will do the chasing too. Most of the time he's up on his knees now, but he's still amazingly fast as an army crawler. After a few strides to get away, Noah always checks behind to make sure we're still coming after him.

What an amazing year for growing, changing and learning...for ALL of us!

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Lindsey H said...

Yeah, that height percentile definitely coordinates with how he matches Liam's height, even with Noah being a good 3 months younger and Liam being on the tall side. What a cutie.