Friday, September 29, 2017

August's Bits

Being at Grandma and Grandpa's house meant that there were new, fun trails to explore.

One of our main motivations for moving was that our street was just too busy.  There were too many cars driving way too fast.  We loved being able to play in the street and ride bikes just about wherever we wanted.

This girl has just about conquered every park.  There is almost nothing that she can't read or climb...and she's not even two!  She is just so determined to stretch, pull herself up, and reach to the next step or spot.
Leah thought it was too fun to run around in the car as we waited at the car wash.
I caught this picture as we left school one day.  I sure am glad these two have each other.
Noah left Nate and me the sweetest note in his journal to find at Back to School Night.
I finally got some tiny piggies in Leah's hair!

She was so proud of herself when we figured out how to stick that fruit snack onto the end of her nose.
As I was making dinner one night I told Luke about when I was a kid and watched my mom make meatloaf I promised myself I would NEVER reach in a bowl and mush up raw meat.  But, I got over it, and there I was ready to get dirty.  His response was, "Well, I'm a kid mom, and I can be braver than you!" It's so true in so many ways, including making meatloaf.
Not her best picture, for sure.  Oh, living in someone else's house has it's challenges.  Leah was into EVERYthing almost ALL day long.  It was exhausting keeping up with her and keeping her out of trouble.  A quick trip downstairs to change the laundry was all the time Leah needed to find my (only expensive) lipstick and completely ruin it.  I was mad, she was mad that she was caught, and in the end we both just hugged it out.  She wants so badly to be a big girl and do all things big girls do, including being trusted for more than three seconds.

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