Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July

We pulled out our patriotic colors for the Sunday before the 4th.

Oh, I love those three!

Noah and Luke wanted a brothers picture in front of the temple.  Just about every day I thank Heaven that they have each other.  

Nate took the boys up to El Dorado Hills on the 3rd to watch fireworks.

Five minutes before they were leaving we were wondering why we didn't just get a babysitter for Leah so I could come too.  Our brains have been so frazzled by house stress.  Maybe one day we'll get back to some sort of clear(ish) thinking. (Fingers crossed!). It was a late night, but they all had loads of fun.

We barbecued and swam at Grandma and Grandpa's house on the fourth. 
Leah's first experience with fireworks started with a little trepidation, but she warmed up to the sparkling lights pretty quickly.

We sure wished the other four cousins were with us, but play time with any cousin is the best time!

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