Sunday, May 28, 2017

Last Day of School!

As the last week of school approached Noah said, "Mom, guess what?  Mrs. Chan said on the last day of school we get to come and just play.  Can you believe it?  Just play!  No learning or anything!"  He could hardly wait.  Actually, all of us were excited to welcome summer and the fun that awaited.  I couldn't wait for him to walk out of that door and be done with kindergarten!

I coordinated the last day of 'just playing' with Mrs. Chan.  Being the room parent this year has been more work that I expected, but I've loved being involved.  And Noah has told me over and over how much he's loved that I'm doing it.  It's been awesome for both of us.

So, naturally, I couldn't miss the last day.  I was too busy running the snack station to see Noah do much else.  But I did make sure he got seconds (and thirds) and as much whipped cream as he wanted on his treat.

This boy has grown so much.  He's a fluent reader, a whiz at math, and (my favorite) he's just a good friend.  I have loved watching Noah grow and experience the magic of learning at school.

These three other cuties are in primary with Noah.  We had to snap a picture of the sixth ward kindergartners before the fun was over!

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